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60 Blake's 7 icons.

Comments and credit appreciated but not required. Please don't hotlink.


Blake's 7
60 The Way Back Icons.
001 002 003 004 005
006 007 008 009 010
011 012 013 014 015
016 017 018 019 020
021 022 023 024 025
026 027 028 029 030
031 032 033 034 035
036 037 038 039 040
041 042 043 044 045
046 047 048 049 050
051 052 053 054 055
056 057 058 059 060


That really is a whole lotta Blake. Though it makes sense. Like a lot of them too. I think #20 and #45 are my favorites, but I like #24 and #60 a lot too. Great stuff. You make me want to rewatch it. XD

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Aw, thank you. ♥ Way Back.
Me too! I want to watch it now - and learn how to make icons like these. I love numbers 1, 10, 30 and 53 particularly. I know it wasn't schoolwork but was pretty productive.

Thanks. :) It's really not hard to make these things. I just sharpen, play about with color selection, and slap on a texture. XD
I tried to put a texture on one of mine - I failed, of course. In the end I got miffed and left it white (see icon)
I WILL RTFM! One day.
Awesome! I especially like 08, 09, 14, 27 and 56...
And those icons reminded me how much I love Blake - it's actually the first leading (am I correct with words?) character I happen to like this much. Usually I'm more for the outsider types and dislike leaders.
Thank you. ♥

Yeah, I'm usually not very fond of leading characters myself, and I actually hated Blake the first time through the series. The last episode made me... understand him well enough to start liking him, and now I absolutely adore him.
Strangely, I liked him from the beginning. But in first season of the series I loved Avon much more and I thought Blake behavior toward him was unfair. However he improved in the second season and I could like them equally from then on haha.
I think I just identified with Blake to a degree that made me uncomfortable the first time through. Whenever he did something dumb (and that was often enough!) I would feel more angry at him than I may have otherwise.

He is a bit of a jerk to Avon, though. But I understand why he is a lot more than I understand the times he's a jerk to Vila.
Perhaps being a leader means being a jerk to everybody. At least he was equally a jerk towards them all. But it only bothered me with Avon since I wanted SLASHNESS!
I rather like Blake/Vila or Blake/Travis for Blake slash. Though, of course, Blake/Jenna is superior to all (for me, anyway).

Anyway, there's always Avon/Vila, who constantly act slashy. :>
Somehow I can only find Avon with Blake, but for Travis it can be anybody :) (however after your fic Carnell is my first choice).
And is there any Blake/Travis fic somewhere? It was my second choice after Avon/Blake (OTP, definitely) but I couldn't find any stories!
Really? Have you tried any Avon/Vila, or are you just precluding them for some reason?

I haven't found any Blake/Travis that I could manage to read all the way through, I'm afraid. I want to eventually write it myself, but I have too many projects.
Somehow I don't feel Avon/Vila. I think I prefer the strong characters who create a lot of angst, and Vila doesn't seem like one (perhaps I am wrong). I remember I liked Vila/Carnell as a secondary pairing in hafren 's fic.
Vila may not immediately seem strong, but I think he is quite. No, he's not bullheadedly obsessed with a cause, like some people, And he's not... batshit insane, like other people. He actually sees the danger that they're getting into (he calls Blake a "fluffy-cheeked amateur" in Shadow, because Blake doesn't understand the dangers out there the way Vila does) and he stays. He's terrified, but he does his job anyway. He doesn't leave when he gets the chance in City, and he doesn't leave after Mallodar, and he doesn't cower in the last episode--he is the only one who approaches the woman (who is holding a gun when he is not!) and tries to fight back. Avon stays for four years and completely loses his mind to the point of killing or getting killed everyone around him. Blake is so afraid to trust anyone that he ends up getting killed (and possibly destroying his cause) due to his 'tests' for new recruits. Vila? He's depressed by the end, but he doesn't do anything that comes near that level of stupidity. I'd say he's more emotionally resilient than either of those two.

And as for a source of angst, look at his history. He's been in detention centers since before he could read! After Gan, he's the only one on the ship who clearly grew up lower class in their caste system--he didn't likely have some coddled, comfortable Alpha childhood. He is there for four years, watching Avon's sanity slowly deteriorate to the point Avon first tries to kill him, then does kill Blake. I think there's plenty of room for angst.

Er, sorry to go on for a bit. That is one of my bugaboos.
Perhaps my opinion on him was like it was because I only saw the first two seasons till now (I know the whole story, though). Also probably, being childish myself, I tend to like more immature characters (see A & B) But maybe I should look for some angsty Vila fic, it could be quite interesting as you wrote. The Carnell/Vila thing I started really good, but then it was abandoned somehow, from what I remember.
Oh, I think Vila is immature in a lot of ways too. XD I just think he's far more experienced with Bad Stuff than Avon and probably Blake.

If you're ever interested in any angsty A/V fic, I think it's mostly van and myself who write it at the moment, though there could be older good stuff that I haven't found. Van recently posted Equals which is a PGP I quite liked. And In the Face of Oblivion is a shorter, darker S4 fic. And he has more here, of course. In case you want to try any of mine, they're here. Pairings are labeled, and I hardly ever write anything that's not miserably sad, so...

I don't read much Hafren (her style doesn't appeal to me), but I do like the idea of Carnell/Vila. It's going to be difficult for me not to dabble in it when Vila shows up in my sequel to Divide. XD
OMG, just keep Carnell for Travis! I beg you! I live to see that! XD

Thanks so much for recommendations! I'm always for an angsty stories, so I have to give it a try.
The thing with Vila fics is that his mostly with Avon, and I have a problem seeing Avon or Blake with someone else then each other (ok, Travis doesn't count hehe, because 1) I like him too much, 2) He is a sort of Anti-Blake 3)He is really Carnell's OTP so everything else is obviously fake & doesn't bother me ;)

To think of it, I have to search more for Vila/Carnell, maybe there is more somewhere.

Hm, I'm curious as to why you have a hard time seeing Avon or Blake with someone else. I guess I find the OTP mindset confusing. I mean, one fanfic does not affect what happened in canon nor what happens in other stories. Like, I enjoy Travis/Servalan and Travis/Keera (the Mutoid in Duel) a really lot and am in the process of writing some. However, with Carnell, I write Travis as gay and thereby uninterested in either of them. What's the fun of only shipping two characters with each other? I'd get horribly bored.
True. They are the only characters that cause this problem. Before B7 my fandom was HP and I didn't have this thing there. Even though I had my OTP/favourite pairing - I had problems seeing them in other ships. Maybe since Blake's 7 is still a bit new to me I'm getting too emotional over them? It's like love hehe, at the beginning you think you will never fall for somebody else, but after some time you can get bored and other possibilities appear ;) I guess Avon/Blake are my love now.
Well, I guess it's nice for you in a way. I am the opposite: Blake/Avon is the only B7 pairing I cannot stand, so. I have extremely little to read and people yell at me a lot for not falling in line with their fanon. So. Um. I read it occasionally, but I've yet to find a B/A fic that was the least bit convincing to me. Blake is suddenly nice and caring toward Avon, and Avon becomes a whimpering little bitch who never lived before he met Blake. Bleh.

ANYWAY. You have seen S3-S4 now, haven't you? I was wondering when you questioned whether A/V had the potential to be angsty if you'd ever seen Orbit.
No, I haven't seen S3-S4 yet! I know how it ends though.
I've also heard that Avon's character changes a lot, perhaps it takes him so far from the "whimpering little bitch" I happen to like :)
About A/B again - I have to say that it's a first time for me to choose the most popular ship in the fandom. I've always choose the rarest of the rare and then had suffered from the lack of stories, so now it's like a paradise! Yet I'm sorry you get yelled at - I'll never understand why people do that. Everything we think/do is out of canon anyways... (sadly).
I don't happen to think Avon was ever quite how he appears in the B/A stories I've read, but hey. To each their own. :) I watch and rewatch canon pretty constantly, so I am very turned off by stories that do not seem much inspired by the show I know and love. I'd be very happy to find a Blake/Avon story where they acted anything like I view them in canon, but that has not happened yet. As you say, nothing we write is canon, but if it reads like a completely original story to me, I'd rather pick up a completely non-fanfiction-like book.
It's really interesting talk, too bad my English doesn't seem good enough for it but I'll try to keep on...
To me, the attraction slash provides is the twist it puts into original story, like it would be showing a kind of a secret, off-screen life of the characters. Therefore I don't mind the changes in their behavior or them showing the other face a bit (as long as I still find the features I liked in them). Somehow the obvious ships, between characters who actually like each other in canon, don't appeal to me.
I don't disagree with your basic premise at all, and I feel that way about slash, het, and gen alike. But I think that a character should continue to be the character that we see in canon. Otherwise, the twist in the fic is not a twist. It's a departure from what we see onscreen, and often makes what we see onscreen make very little sense. It feels to me like the writer is cheating when they do that. They aren't showing me more possibilities about the characters I care about; they are turning that character into someone I'm completely uninterested in.

I understand that a lot of readers don't mind that departure, but it really makes the fic unreadable for me.
Surely I would agree with that. What I meant was that sometimes within the story the character can show some features we haven't seen in canon if only they fit somehow within his personality (of course that personality can be discussed).
Anyway - I also dislike fiction that turns characters into totally different, but I understand that SOME change in them must happen so the two canon antagonists (as I like) could create a ship and don't kill each other in the meantime. I enjoy seeing that change happening.

BTW - do you know "One Night Stand" written by Sebastian and Nova (A/B of course)?

(PS. Sorry if my English is getting awful.)
Don't worry about your English. ♥ The only other language I know well enough to write is Latin, and we'd only be able to talk about armies and court cases if I did that. XD

Yeah, I do like character change that makes sense, and I tend to think that people do act a bit different when they're alone than when they're together. (I've studied the moments in canon where Avon and Vila are alone closely for my characterization, but I have to build from there since there isn't very much of that.) I just haven't run across a B/A fic that makes sense to me given what we see in canon. I admit, it would be harder to convince me of B/A than other pairings because I don't particularly like their dynamic on screen translating to romance. I like antagonistic pairings myself (see: Blake/Travis XD), but I don't like them portrayed as healthy unless the writer does a lot of work to get the characters to that point. And I don't like Blake and Avon being the be-all, end-all of each other's existence--that just doesn't jive with canon at all to me. And I don't like when the author ignores inconvenient things for the sake of the characters' True Love (like the fact that Blake showed he distrusted Avon a few times in S1/S2, but some writer's portray his statement in Star One as the truth regardless.)

I'm picky. It's true.

I haven't read that story you mention, though. I shall seek it out.
Thanks! And if we were to speak Latin, I'm afraid we would be limited to few proverbs on my side XD

I wonder if you will like this story. In fact I think it's very hard to convince someone to the pairing they don't accept. It's much easier with the pairing they find unbelievable (I always hit the most unbelievable ship as a first thing, so it may be a meter of taste, too), but as I don't like obvious ships (canon friends becoming lovers etc ) I could never finish any fic like this.
Perhaps those things are more emotional then logical in the end? I'm not sure.
Oh, I don't find Blake/Avon unbelievable at all. I find the way it's generally portrayed in fanfic to be unbelievable. I am uninterested in these... true love conquering all sorts of stories that seem to prevail in B/A? I don't like it when--let's see if I can put this into words--the entire dynamic of Blake and Avon in canon is reduced to some secret passion/lust between them. I think that they are more complicated than that, and I think if you add sex into their dynamic it would become exponentially more complicated.

By the way, I am kind of laughing that you seem to find Avon/Vila obvious/friendly. I've been told it's OOC because they don't think Avon could possibly like Vila in any way. (I think that finding a pairing OOC is just being too lazy to figure out how it could work, myself, but that's another topic. XD)
O__O Aren't they canon friends? in a wired way of course, but Avon seems to like Vila, even if he doesn't show him much respect (but maybe I shouldn't speak until I see the whole series).

As to what you wrote about A/B dynamics - I really wonder how you will find "One Night Stand" - seems to me like it would match your criteria, but as I've said, I'm a manic and I forgive a lot, so I can't judge here.

Anyway as much as I don't want to, I have to quit now and go to sleep. It's 6 am almost, LOL. It was extremely nice to chat with you and I look forward for more B& talk in the future :)
If you are willing to give it a try, it's here
I liked it a lot, A/B angst manic that I am. They seem in character to me, at least as they are in S1-S2.
Oh, I don't have to seek it out! Thanks. :) I'm willing to give anything a try. You'd be amazed how much B/A I've read for someone who doesn't like the pairing.
Brave you are! I hope you won't have a hard time with the one I recommended. At least you may like the first chapter...
I can find no words to express how utterly perfect icon 20 is.... ::stares::
Thank you so much! ♥ I was really impressed with the shot in the show, so I'm glad the icon came out all right. :)
Those are gorgeous! There are some truly stunning shots there.
Thanks! ♥

It really is amazing how nice they made some of the shots look in this episode, considering it seems to be shot in someone's mom's garage.
Those are great. Taking #15, will credit.
Thanks. :)
I've just found this comm. Great work. I particularly like your Vila icons.

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